Garbage Pickup Service

Garbage Pickup Service

Quality Garbage Pickup Near Me

Here at DC Waste, we provide garbage pickup services for many of the municipalities surrounding:

Garbage Pick-up In Vandalia IL | Garbage Pick-up in Litchfield IL | Garbage Pick-up in Hillsboro IL

Here is a complete list of areas that we service.

Every neighborhood needs timely and proper garbage pickup services, and we have made it our mission to care for small towns such as Vandalia IL, Litchfield IL, and Hillsboro IL. Whether you are seeking to start service at your residence or rent a container from us for a business or job site, we are your trusted brand in the area. Navigate to our sidebar and click “Request New Service” to get started today.

garbage pickup service litchfield il vandalia il hillsboro il

If you are unsure about the services you require or want to find out more about what we can provide to you, this guide below will help you make the next step. We are proud to provide quality care in the waste management industry around southern Illinois.



Home Garbage Service Options

We recognize that there is a great need in the area for professional and regulated garbage pickup. Our team at DC Waste is trained in quality waste management and has years of experience taking care of counties with many small, vibrant towns. If you have questions about local laws regarding your needs, get in contact with us right away. We are in the business of helping the public with everyday household concerns.

Home Toters

Our home toters are the most popular service we provide. Instead of having a burn barrel or your variety of trash containers, we can regulate garbage pickup by providing you with your 95-gallon toter. If for any reason you need to request special accommodation for us to pick up your toter from somewhere other than curbside, we are happy to provide solutions for you. 


Rental Services

If you are starting on a home renovation project or are moving homes, it can be helpful to temporarily rent a large garbage container or dumpster for your residence. We also provide similar rental services to commercial properties in the area.

Bulk Items

We are glad to make special visits for garbage pickup that exceeds the capacity of a 95-gallon toter. If you can bring large items to the curbside, we have standard one-time rates for particular types of items. If you click on the For Your Home tab above you will find a page with links to our specifications for Extraordinary and Bulky Items. Feel free to drop us a line as well to take care of these items.

Holiday Route Schedules

When a major holiday is coming up, you can expect regular delays in major services. We value convenience and timeliness but it is also important that our staff have the opportunity to spend the holidays celebrating with their families. The only typical days we take off for regular pickup are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We plan for these holidays and adjust our garbage pickup routine to accommodate trash collection around these times.

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Commercial Garbage Services and Rentals

For commercial properties and companies that regularly need garbage pickup at job sites, we are glad to partner with local businesses. Our commercial containers include roll-off and dumpsters to ensure that your rental only needs to be emptied once! Costs for one-time projects can be kept very low if you can empty them once. Below are some other critical factors to consider for commercial property garbage pickup and waste removal:


Industrial and Commercial Waste

It is important to consider facility logistics to properly place and house a temporary disposal container. Whether you need to bring in roll-offs or dumpsters we include pick-up and drop-off services. Once you have an idea of the weight and amount of waste, feel free to contact our team and we will be able to recommend the appropriate procedure and product for you.

DC Waste is an Approved Transporter for Environmental Projects, meaning that we can handle any of your demolition, special waste, and asbestos needs.

Garbage Pickup Service in Southern Illinois