Garbage Pickup Service in Hillsboro IL

Garbage Pickup Service in Hillsboro IL

DC Waste | Providing Garbage Pick-up Service In Hillsboro IL

Every town is different and has its own story, and that’s true for the town of Hillsboro. It also means that its people have their own unique needs for garbage disposal, which is where we come in. DC Waste provides the best garbage service in the Hillsboro area, no matter if it’s weekly or a one-time deal. Give us a call or visit our “Contact Us” page.

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Waste Pick-Up

DC Waste offers a number of different pick-up services, including waste pick-up, recycling services, bulk waste, and hazardous waste. Our service provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to sit back and relax knowing your trash is taken care of and that you’ll never have to haul your recyclables to a recycling center ever again.

We also make it easy when it comes to scheduling your weekly service. If you’re seeking more frequent disposal, our pick-up service is unrivaled in Hillsboro, IL.


Garbage Pick-Up Near Me

We Google search countless businesses and services “near me” because we want to know who’s closest, who is most convenient, and who knows the area best. DC Waste is a match for all three. We serve the Hillsboro area, and we’re always improving our work.


Pick-up for big items

If you have big items that need disposing - items like carpeting, large furniture, and mattresses - we’ve got you covered. Simply either call our office or leave the item out by the curb on your scheduled pickup day.


Garbage Pickup On Holidays

People tend to have more trash on holidays, due to family visiting and appliances being replaced. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop taking days off - rather, it means you should look to DC Waste to help make sure that your vacation is a vacation, not another work day.


Cost Of Garbage Pick-Up Services

Because of the different variables involved, it’s difficult for us to post a set rate for garbage pick-up. We do have some ballpark figures, but if you’d like a more exact quote, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by to speak with a representative!

DC Waste | Providing Garbage Pick-up Service In Hillsboro IL