Dumpsters in Litchfield IL

Dumpsters in Litchfield IL

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Whether you’re moving out of your home in Litchfield, IL, or simply taking on a home improvement project, the last thing you want to deal with is a continually growing pile of trash or waste - that’s where we come in. DC Waste offers various sizes of dumpster containers to suit your exact needs. Give us a call or visit our “Contact Us” page to speak with us and determine what size will best suit your needs.

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What Sizes of Dumpsters Do We Offer?

Firstly, you should understand the different types of containers available to rent. For larger products, you may want to consider a roll-off dumpster, which comes in sizes of 10, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards. For other projects, however, you may not need the larger capacity of these containers - we’ve got just the thing.

Smaller containers range from 1 yard to 8 yards in size and are useful if you don’t have much debris for removal, such as for a minor yard or garage cleanup. These smaller containers, often called residential dumpsters or front-load dumpsters, are convenient for waste collection, junk removal, and general clean-up on a regular basis. You’ll commonly find them outside of apartments, restaurants, or dorm halls.

Below, we’ve listed measurements and approximate storage capacities of smaller dumpster containers available in Litchfield, IL:

2 Yard Front Load Dumpster:

  • Dimensions: 83" x 40" x 47" (width x depth x height)

  • Weight: 530 lbs

  • Capacity: Approximately 12 large trash bags, or 24 regular trash bags

4 Yard Front Load Dumpster:

  • Dimensions: 83" x 57" x 61" (width x depth x height)

  • Weight: 725 lbs

  • Capacity: Approximately 24 large trash bags, or 48 regular trash bags

6 Yard Front Load Dumpster:

  • Dimensions: 83" x 68" x 70" (width x depth x height)

  • Weight: 950 lbs

  • Capacity: Approximately 36 large trash bags, or 72 regular trash bags

8 Yard Front Load Dumpster:

  • Dimensions: 83" x 82" x 75" (width x depth x height)

  • Weight: 1100 lbs

  • Capacity: Approximately 48 large trash bags, or 96 regular trash bags

10 Yard Roll-off Container:

  • Dimensions: 16' x 8' x 3' (length x width x height)

20 Yard Roll-off Container:

  • Dimensions: 22' x 8' x 4' (length x width x height)

30 Yard Roll-off Container:

  • Dimensions: 22' x 8' x 6' (length x width x height)

Our team is happy to assist you in figuring out the correct container for your project.


What size dumpster do I need for my project in Litchfield, IL?

To estimate what size dumpster you need, measure your debris if at all possible. Getting even an approximate sense of the volume of debris can make your job much easier. Brush up on your geometry and break out your measuring tape! Lastly, keep in mind any space restrictions where you’re having the dumpster delivered.

For reference, a smaller container may suit you for small waste removal jobs, but for garage clean-outs, basement cleanouts, as well as household, attic, or interior renovations, you may want to consider a 10-yard or larger roll-off container, which will hold 3 pick-up-truck loads.

When it comes to deciding on which size dumpster you’ll need, it’s important to factor in the weight of your materials in the decision process. You will be given the weight limit when you make the selection of the dumpster you order.


What can I put in a front-load dumpster?

As a rule of thumb, any item that is acceptable in a curbside bin can also go in a dumpster. We’ve compiled a general list below:

  • Paper

  • Cardboard

  • Plastics

  • Aluminum

  • Light metals

  • Food waste

As with any dumpster, hazardous materials and certain bulk items cannot be placed inside these bins because of the harmful chemicals and features that they contain. Hazardous waste includes TVs, monitors, fridges, paints, solvents, liquids, or any asbestos.

Generally speaking, dumpsters should be loaded in a way that the debris inside is even. Avoid concentrations of trash heaps or holes in a particular spot inside the dumpster. Try not to overload the dumpster - trash should not pass the top nor stick out of the container. Correctly filling a dumpster will help you avoid additional rental fees.


Legal Considerations of Renting A Dumpster In Litchfield IL

Most dumpster rental companies take care of the basic permit requirements necessary for you to obtain the container, but if you plan on placing the dumpster on public property, you may need a permit from your local parking enforcement or building permit office.


How does renting a dumpster work?

The dumpster rental process typically works as follows:

  1. You communicate with a dumpster rental company requesting their services

  2. You and the dumpster company make arrangements and agree to terms (including selecting a dumpster type and size and payment terms)

  3. Your dumpster is dropped off at the agreed address on the arranged date and time

  4. You load your dumpster with the accepted weight and type of waste

  5. The rental company picks up your dumpster (with or without trash inside of it) from the agreed address on the contracted date and time.

What Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster Container in Litchfield, IL?

Companies use a few factors, including length of rental, availability, dump fees, and type/weight, to determine the rental cost for front-load, residential, or roll-off dumpster containers. Smaller containers are less expensive than larger ones, but you’ll have less capacity. Fees related to licenses and tipping permits also play a role.

Local advantage: Renting directly from your local dumpster service, compared to larger, national services, saves you money and hassle. Rent local and save! We’re very familiar with the Litchfield area, and we’re excited to work with you on your next project.

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